Whitledge Designs, founded in 2004, is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Jon Raymond Whitledge ("JRW"). Whitledge Designs provides scientific and engineering services for clients in primarily two areas: 

  • Polymer Physics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Audio Engineering​

To learn more about Jon Raymond Whitledge's education and industrial experience, please visit www.jonwhitledge.com

   To learn more about Jon Raymond Whitledge's audio accomplishments, please visit www.magicbus.biz.​​

JRW graduated from the University of Akron with a Master's Degree in Polymer Science in 1990. JRW's research advisor was literally a "rocket scientist" and the Dean of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering. JRW's undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering Technology, also from the University of Akron. 

JRW's industrial experience can be summarized as follows:

- 17 (seventeen) years of R&D Managementleading multi-disciplinary and cross-functional teams in corporate strategy, research and development, product development, intellectual property, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sales.

- 32 (thirty-two) years of experience as a Polymer Scientist/Mechanical Engineercontributing structure-property-processing expertise to a diverse array of industries, which generated new intellectual property and tens of millions of dollars in venture capital and/or sales of new products.

- Proven accomplishments with thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers, composites, elastomers, genetically-engineered biomaterials, piping systems (nuclear, oil and gas, and municipal water), textiles, and high-end audio.