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Is your home audio system performing at its MAXIMUM potential?  

How do you REALLY know if you’ve never had its performance measured?

Thanks to recent advancements in modern computer-based measurement systems, you can have your room acoustics and audio system performance accurately and objectively analyzed.

No matter how much you’ve invested in your audio system, or how good you think it already is, the information derived from computer-based measurements will reveal numerous ways to substantially enhance the performance of your audio system and listening room. Experienced audiophiles know that listening room acoustics play the greatest role your audio system’s performance.

Let Whitledge Designs analyze your home audio system and listening room and take them to a new level of performance! Whitledge Designs will perform the following steps:

1. Using state-of-the-art computer measurement equipment, a swept sine signal will be sent through your audio system (via analog auxiliary RCA inputs), and the response will be captured by an instrument-grade, calibrated microphone placed precisely at your listening position.  

Graphs of frequency response, step response, reverberation spectra, cumulative spectral decay, and loudspeaker impedance and phase will be generated and provided to you as shown in the figures below. Your room will be measured and a table of fundamental resonance modes will be provided.

Figure 1.
Frequency response.

Figure 2.
Step response.

Figure 3.
Reverberation spectra.

Figure 4.
Cumulative spectral decay.

Figure 5.
Loudspeaker impedance and phase.

Figure 6.
Room resonance modes.

3. Informal recommendations for improvements will be made.
4. Your audio system goals and listening room design input requirements will be discussed.    

5. If desired, obvious improvements will be immediately implemented, and validated by measurements, for an additional fee ($100/hr). 

6. Upon request, formal quotations for proposed system tuning and room treatments will be prepared.  
The cost of your in-home analyses depends on where you live:

 1 366 
 2 582
 3 798 

Whitledge Designs confidently guarantees your satisfaction, or the analyses are FREE!

Contact Jon Whitledge to arrange your personal, in-home analyses by calling (858) 395-3423 or emailing

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