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Whitledge Designs serves clients who have a passion for music and appreciate fine craftsmanship. Whitledge Designs specializes in the design, installation, and tuning of custom, high-fidelity mobile and home audio systems. Whitledge Designs can design and build your system for just about any application using any or all of the following skills or techniques:

  • CAD (computer-aided drafting)
  • CNC (computer numerical control) machining
  • Composites (carbon, aramid, and glass fibers)
  • Metal fabrication
  • Fine woodworking

Whitledge Designs specializes in sophisticated high-fidelity installations where clients have specialized needs and appreciate the finest design and craftsmanship. Whitledge Designs is available to serve a client’s needs in a variety of flexible ways:

  • Consultation on an hourly basis at $100/hr
  • Engineering design and fabrication at $100/hr
  • Entire systems or projects by the job starting at $10,000
Whitledge Designs excels in turning your dreams into reality, and doing things that have not been done before. Innovation, creativeness, and freedom from conventionalism are hallmarks of a Whitledge Designs project. Potential customers may have difficulty figuring out EXACTLY what Whitledge Designs can do for them. Here are a few examples of potential projects:
  • Loudspeaker materials design and selection (polymer composites/adhesives formulation, processing, mechanical properties)
  • Loudspeaker enclosure design (development of high-modulus AND high-damping materials, including composites, nanomaterials)
  • Loudspeaker system design
  • Audio system design (yachts, automobiles, homes, home theaters)
  • Design and fabrication of demonstration vehicles, or specialized components or subsystems for said vehicles
  • Design and fabrication of audio component prototypes with suitable partners
  • Design and fabrication of specialized exhibits and displays
  • Epoxy/carbon fiber, epoxy/aramid fiber composites fabrication
  • "Invisible" high-performance acoustical treatments designed to retain the architectural beauty of your home or studio
  • State-of-the-art listening room design and fabrication
  • Custom audio cables and connections
  • Usability engineering (industrial design, software design)
  • Lightweight, efficient designs
  • Aesthetically beautiful, elegant designs
  • Industrial-looking designs
  • Limitless designs - no budget, no timeline, no regard for difficulty
  • Anything really ... limited only by your imagination and budget!

The services provided by Whitledge Designs are not for everyone, and frankly, certain common desires of customers are better met by the services of other companies. Whitledge Designs generally prefers not to do any or all of the following:

  • Conventional home theater systems (“pre-wired for sound”, systems with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers)
  • Multi-zone or multi-room audio systems
  • Mobile audio systems under $10,000
  • Home audio or home theater systems under $10,000
Contact Jon Whitedge to see how Whitledge Designs can serve your fabrication needs.

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