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Jon Whitledge is a polymer scientist of extraordinary pedigree (world-renowned University of Akron Polymer Science graduate program) with over 24 years of unusually vast industrial experience, principally in research and development, but also in product development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Mr. Whitledge's undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering, and his diverse industrial career includes pioneering accomplishments in biomaterials, textiles, packaging, construction products, and valves and fittings. Mr. Whitledge specializes in developing new products utilizing his knowledge and experience of structure-property-processing relationships of polymers, rheology, mechanical design, design of experiments (DOEs), data reduction and error analyses, machine tools technologies, industrial control systems, and "hands-on" mechanical testing and machine design. Mr. Whitledge has designed and built numerous one-of-a-kind test apparatuses for research and development, along with a multitude of electromechanical designs for manufacturing and processes improvement.

Jon Whitledge has demonstrated accomplishments in all of the following:
  • Polymeric materials selection, formulation, processing, testing, and quality assurance
  • Product design, machine design (rapid prototyping)
  • Product and process troubleshooting (failure analyses, injection molding, extrusion, assembly engineering) 
  • Surface science and adhesion
  • Acoustics
  • Composite materials design and fabrication
  • Loudspeaker design
  • Quality assurance and statistical process control
  • Technical writing
  • Technical presentations

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