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Jon Whitledge of Whitledge Designs originally designed and machined these one-of-a-kind, gold-plated spade lugs, machined from "oxygen-free" copper. The included mechanical drawing shows the dimensions, grade of copper, and the gold plating specifications. The spade was designed for a #8 screw, but refer to the detailed drawing for more specifics (a #10 screw does not fit!). The photo shows 31 inches of clear 4:1 Teflon (TM) heatshrink tubing that is also included with ten of these beauties. Of course you don't NEED them, but these are simply too cool to resist! These are the only ones in the world, and a great way to add that special finishing touch to your masterpiece. After seeing these, why would you even consider using lesser terminals?

Price: $50 each, or $450 for all ten. 3 inches of heat shrink tubing is included for each spade, or get all 31 inches with all ten. Price does NOT include shipping or applicable sales tax.

Ships to anywhere in the USA via FedEx.

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Click on the picture below to download a *.pdf version of the mechanical drawing:

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