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The Magic Bus Delighted Attendees at T.H.E. Show Newport 2014!

This year’s show featured hundreds of exhibitors and attracted thousands of attendees. The Home Entertainment Show Newport Beach (or "T.H.E. Show Newport" for short, has quickly become a success, thanks largely to the efforts of Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Show. I'm happy to report that the Newport show has also begun to include more high-end mobile audio and exotic cars. It was a thrill for me to see the Magic Bus surrounded by exotic and collectible automobiles, made possible by Rick Reus and the team of Reus Audio Systems ( Mr. Reus is one of the biggest names in custom mobile audio and getting to spend time with him was a treat. He graciously guided numerous attendees to the Magic Bus exhibit, and for that I’m most grateful.

Figure 1. Magic Bus exhibit nestled in the corridor between the Hilton Hotel and the tennis courts.

I do my best to make everyone's visit to the Magic Bus a fun experience. In previous shows, I was joined by some wonderful musicians who played live while the audio mix was fed directly into the Magic Bus’ audio system. This year’s show featured a slide presentation that highlighted the fabrication and tuning process of the Magic Bus, and on Saturday and Sunday I gave a seminar entitled, Too Much, Magic Bus! A historical Retrospective of Milestones in Mobile Audio. I really enjoyed getting to share some of the history of the Magic Bus project, and the audience had a lot of good questions that I did my best to answer. My sincere thanks to Ray Kimber ( who graciously provided his IsoMike™ demonstration room as the venue for my seminars. The seminars were a lot of fun, and Sunday morning’s talk was video recorded. You can check it out here:

I also played a number of exceptional demo songs designed to showcase certain sonic performance characteristics of the Magic Bus’ audio system, such as imaging, dynamics, tonality, low bass extension and power, and realism. And, as always, listeners were invited to play their own favorite demo tracks, too.    

I was especially honored to share the Magic Bus with some of the industry’s greatest writers, reviewers, and musicians.  Foremost among these were Stephen Rochlin (, Nina Storey (, Steve McCormack (, Troy Kalland (AUDIO MEGA MALL) and Mike Garson (, along with Mike’s grandson, Max, who at the age of five, became the youngest musician to autograph the Magic Bus. 

Figure 2. Nina Storey enjoying her sensational album, Think Twice, in the Magic Bus. 

Figure 3. Jon Whitledge (left), Troy Kalland (middle), and Steve McCormack (right) at the Magic Bus exhibit.

Figure 4. Mike Garson, and his grandson, Max, enjoyed listening to the Magic Bus.

These extraordinary experiences would not have been possible without the visionary ideals and gracious support of Richard Beers, Rick Reus, Ray Kimber, Dynaudio (and all my other sponsors), Steve McCormack, Jim Merod (, and all of you who visited and supported the Magic Bus, true aficionados of music and high-end audio. Together, let’s keep forging frontiers in audio. I hope to see you at the next show!

Warmest regards,
Jon Whitledge
July 12, 2014

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