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Allan Phillips, Russell Blake, and the Magic Bus Made Mobile Audio History at T.H.E. Show Newport 2012!

This year’s show was the largest show ever, with over 7000 attendees and 500 exhibitors. The Home Entertainment Show, or "T.H.E. Show" for short, held at the Hilton and the Atrium hotels (, was a wild success, thanks to the monumental efforts of Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Show. Thanks to Richard’s invitation and warm hospitality to T.H.E. Show’s exhibitors, the Magic Bus’ phenomenal exhibit behind the Hilton Hotel was a music- and car-lover’s utopia. It was thrilling to be among Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, BMWs, and a Callaway Corvette, all made possible by Rick Reus and the team of Reus Systems ( Mr. Reus so loved the Magic Bus, he graciously guided numerous attendees to our exhibit, and for that I’m most grateful. Much to my surprise, Reeves Callaway, founder of Callaway Cars West (, stopped by to listen to the Magic Bus. I was thrilled and honored that Mr. Callaway, a world-renowned designer of supercars, was “blown away” by the Magic Bus!

As one of the few exhibitors who provided live music, I was ecstatic to showcase the extraordinary talents of Emmy® award winning and GRAMMY-nominated multi-instrumental virtuoso, Allan Phillips (, and music producer, composer, educator, solo electric bass virtuoso, and recipient of the Kellogg Foundation's "Artist in Residency" award, Russel Blake ( Each of these solo musicians performed on separate occasions outside the Magic Bus and fed their instrument’s signal into a mixer, which subsequently split the audio signal into two playback paths. One path went into a T+A integrated amplifier and then into a pair of Dynaudio’s DM2/10 loudspeakers ( provided by Sunny’s Home Theater & Music Systems (  The other signal path went into Steve McCormack’s ( newly introduced Interocitor One (for purposes of converting the balanced signal to unbalanced and ground isolation) and then into the auxiliary audio inputs of the Magic Bus’ audio system. Configured as described, listeners could choose between the fabulous outdoor listening experience, or the unprecedented listening experience inside the Magic Bus! Special thanks also goes to my sponsor, Kimber Kable (, for loaning to me forty feet of their renowned 8TC loudspeaker cable for use at our exhibit.

On Saturday morning, for the first time in mobile audio history, live keyboard was fed into the Magic Bus’ audio system. Here’s a video clip of maestro Phillips performing in front of the Magic Bus:

Allan Phillips Plays Solo at the Magic Bus!

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, for the first time in mobile audio history, live 4-string electric bass was fed into the Magic Bus’ audio system. Here’s a short video clip of bass guru Blake performing in front of the Magic Bus:

Russel Blake Plays Solo at the Magic Bus!

To say Allan’s and Russel’s performances were “show stoppers” would be an understatement. Many visitors told us that our exhibit was one of the best they’d seen at the show and a highlight of their overall show experience! Outside the Magic Bus, the DM2/10’s delivered superb live sound, but inside the Magic Bus, Dynaudio’s state-of-the-art mobile audio loudspeakers delivered an even more powerful and enthralling sound! Experiencing the ferociously engaging and dynamic sound of Russel’s live electric bass inside the Magic Bus was revelatory, and something that I had always dreamed of hearing.

At last year’s show, internationally renowned bassist, Dean Peer (, listened to the Magic Bus and enthusiastically autographed it. This year, I invited Mr. Peer to listen to his sensational new album, AIRBORNE, rendered through the Magic Bus’ audio system in hi-res digital (96 kHz – 24 bit), which I downloaded from HDtracks® ( Dean Peer and his drummer, Kevin Hall (who later autographed the Magic Bus), listened to several songs and loved how the bus rendered the new album. Here’s a picture of all the musicians together:

Here’s a picture of Russel Blake after autographing the Magic Bus:

I was especially honored to share the Magic Bus with some of home audio’s greatest VIPs and industry veterans. It was particularly heartwarming to share once-in-a-lifetime experiences with aspiring young audiophiles. Many of my mobile audio friends, including John Tanaka (“JT”) of JT Audio Accessories (, and vendors, including Carl Carpenter of Carpenter’s Fine Woodworking (, also stopped by our exhibit. And, like many times before, at least a few folks were moved to tears by the sonic beauty and purity of the Magic Bus’ audio system. Each of those experiences touched my heart in very special ways. Such is the true joy of audio – it encompasses all that we know to be pure and worthy of celebration.

These extraordinary experiences would not have been possible without the visionary ideals and gracious support of Richard Beers, Dynaudio (and all my other sponsors), Sunny’s, Allan Phillips, Russel Blake, Steve McCormack, Jim Merod (, and all of you who visited and supported the Magic Bus, true aficionados of music and high-end audio. Together, let’s keep forging frontiers in audio. I hope to see you at the next show!

Warmest regards,
Jon Whitledge
August 18, 2012

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