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, my loving wife, is everything to me. She’s believed in my dream of building the Magic Bus, and supported it wholeheartedly. During the seven-year process of bringing the Magic Bus to fruition, she’s stayed by my side during times of great difficulty and times of elation. Jeaneth is the unsung heroine behind the Magic Bus, a masterpiece not possible without her.

Steve Mc
Cormack stands as an icon among those in the audio industry as a legendary audio component designer and prominent recording, mixing, and mastering engineer. Mr. McCormack is among the elite few who were in the audio industry shortly after its inception more than 35 years ago and has continued to be a vital force throughout its evolution. McCormack's unparalleled experience, wisdom, and enthusiasm for all things music- and audio-related contributed significantly to the sonic outcome of the Magic Bus. Thanks to Steve's gracious and exceptional guidance, it's no wonder the Magic Bus is considered by many to be the world's best car stereo, and the first car stereo system to bridge the chasm that formerly existed between mobile audio and high-end home audio. Words cannot express the heartfelt honor and appreciation I feel as the benefactor of Steve McCormack's mentorship. 


Virtual Reality Engine Remote Controlled Preamplifier
"Interview with Steve McCormack of SMcAudio", by Patrick Dillon, HIFI ZINE, Jun 2011
Steve McCormack's Presentation to the Pacific Northwest Audio Society, Part 1
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Jon Whitledge Interviews Steve McCormack
R. Harley, "Steve McCormack: It's All In the Details",Stereophile, Apr '92
VRE-1C Linestage (Preamplifier) review by Peter Breuninger of
N. Gader, "Back Page", the absolute sound® magazine, Issue 242, Apr. 2014, p.176.

Jim Merod is a widely traveled, increasingly in demand recording engineer who, for more than 30 years, has recorded the most significant jazz, blues, and latin musicians -- including Herbie Hancock, Ella Fitzgerald, Wynton Marsalis, John Hicks, Joe Lovano, Sarah Vaughan, Kenny Barron, Clark Terry, Wayne Shorter, Eddie Palmieri, Tierney Sutton, Tom Harrell and hundreds more. "Dr. Merod" (Stanford) prefers recording live "on-location" using proprietary mic and ambient techniques to achieve a uniquely "present" acoustical aesthetic that captures the immediacy of musical creation. Jim is also a prominent reviewer and writer for prestigious publications and a trusted industry consultant. Jim has recently completed co-authorship with jazz saxophonist-composer Benny Golson on the 83 year old hall of fame legend's autobiography, Whisper Not. As a literature- and scientifically-trained professor, Jim guides students through the complexities of critical theory as well as the rapidly emerging interface between physics, neuroscience and classical humanisic study. I'm among the lucky few "students of jazz" and lovers of music to receive Jim's support and enthusiasm. Jim has blessed my high-resolution music reproduction work with accolades of the highest sort. He has also opened his very special understanding of the jazz world to me, a genuine "gift" and once-in-a-lifetime experience that has enhanced my professional credibility in the audio industry. Immediately after one of Jim's live recording sessions, I was inspired to acquire Noel Jewkes' autograph -- the first of hundreds of artists' autographs inscribed on the Magic Bus' audio system. Jim Merod has touched the heart of my jazz-loving soul so deeply that no words can fully express my sense of honor and appreciation. 

BluePort Jazz | Hosted by Jim Merod

Chuck Perrin is one of the most unique and creative individuals I've ever known. His life, dedicated to music and poetry, is a legacy of innovation and freedom. His sensational live performances are original, captivating, uplifting, and profound. I'll never forget the first time I saw Mr. Perrin, playing live at Epazote's in Del Mar. His performance transformed me and ignited my love for live music and opened my awareness to the importance and beauty of music in my daily life. Mr. Perrin inspired me to pursue my dream of a career in audio, and hence, the concept for the Magic Bus was born. During the seven-year fabrication process of the Magic Bus, I attended all types of concerts at Dizzy's, San Diego's most important space for live music. It was at these events where I was able to sit within feet of the musicians and calibrate my ears to the nature of live sound. Chuck was among the first to enthusiastically autograph the Magic Bus, and he encouraged others to sign it as well. Chuck was also the first musician to endorse the sonic performance of the Magic Bus. Thanks to Mr. Perrin, the Magic Bus has become a rolling shrine for musicians, and a time capsule for live music (particularly jazz) in San Diego. My life has been vastly enriched by the music of, and the promotional efforts by, San Diego's treasure, Chuck Perrin. 

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