Patricia Barber Autographs Magic Bus

For my birthday, my wife, Jeaneth, surprised me with tickets to see Patricia Barber in Hollywood, CA, at the Musicians Institute ( As a fan and a lover of her recordings, I’d always dreamed of seeing her perform. Once Jeaneth surprised me with the tickets, I wondered if it would be possible to get her autograph on the Magic Bus. I guy can dream, right? So without really expecting a reply, I carefully crafted an email to her. Within hours, much to my surprise, she responded enthusiastically!

So we went to the concert, sat in the front row, and saw her deliver an enthralling performance. Wow! She’s amazing! And the members of her quartet, consisting of Jon Deitemyer (drums), Larry Kohut (bass), and John Kregor (guitar), were simply stunning.  

After the concert, Ms. Barber, her photographer, members of her quartet, and my audio mentors Steve McCormack and Jim Merod, all went out to the Magic Bus. When Ms. Barber saw it, she wanted to hear it. I offered to play her new album, SMASH, but she wished to hear something else, so I chose Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band’s superb CD entitled, Swingin’ for the Fences. Thankfully, Ms. Barber was impressed. After listening, she and her band members autographed the rear window valance.  Here’s a few photos commemorating this special event:

Patricia Barber with Jon Whitledge behind the Magic Bus.

Patricia Barber signing the Magic Bus’s window valance. 

Photo of Patricia Barber’s autograph.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Ms. Barber and her wonderful band members. Thanks for making my birthday unforgettable! The biggest thanks of all goes to my loving wife, who is always beside me creating and sharing life’s greatest joys. 

Warmest regards,
Jon Whitledge
March 16, 2013

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