Welcome to Whitledge Designs!
Whitledge Designs is the definitive website for those who love music, attend live shows regularly, and are dedicated to faithfully attempting to re-create the live musical experience with their own audio systems.

This website is chock-full of technical information about Jon Whitledge's Magic Bus and the products and services Whitledge Designs offers, and contains nearly one-thousand photos, numerous videos, downloadable articles, and links, all of which took several months to assemble and build. And despite its massive content, this website was designed to be eloquently simple and easy to navigate using both desktop and mobile devices. 

I hope this website, which attempts to express my passion for music and science, invigorates your imagination, and inspires you to embrace one of life's greatest pleasures - music. 

    -- Jon Whitledge / Scientist, Engineer, Craftsman, and Audiophile

Website updated May 15, 2017

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